Been to NYC to see the Queen

Sometimes getting up well before the crack of dawn is worthwhile. In my case, I had the opportunity to see the Queen Mary 2 because an event that I was attending took place there.
Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I headed down to Brooklyn, where the Queen Mary 2 and the other Queens dock.

Having only seen photos of this huge ship, I had some idea what I might expect and I would say that my imagination and reality converged rather nicely. Unfortunately, the tour of the ship was quick and not all-inclusive, but reinforced my desire to sail on this ship one day soon.

We enjoyed a quick lunch that included a mushroom bisque, tenderloin and a decadent bread pudding. My meat was cooked to perfection. I only regret that lunch was more of a marathon than a nice relaxing meal because the event took longer than expected.

Equipped with my camera in hand, I got a few shots of some of the areas that I visited.

The Chart RoomThe Chartroom

G32 BarG32 Bar

Britanniabritannia dining room

Grand LobbyGrand Lobby


The Queen’s Room
The Queen's Room

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