Cruise Cabin Guarantee

We often book a a cabin with a guarantee depending on a number of things including price and location. If we are certain that we want a certain cabin on a particular floor, we go ahead and book that stateroom. It is guaranteed(well, even that isn’t always true)that we will get that particular room. I must admit that the last time we booked a specific room, we received an upgrade to a much nicer category of room. We didn’t mind that upgrade at all. But, if you have your heart set on a specific room, then let your agent know that you are not interested in an upgrade. If you have booked a cabin next to friend or family and want to keep it that way, have your agent link the reservations.

Back to the guarantee cabin
Perhaps this should have a different name like the Take a Chance cabin or Try Your Luck cabin. When you book a guarantee cabin, you first find the particular category of cabin that you like. In this example, we will select an outside guarantee. By booking this, we are guaranteed an outside cabin in at least the same category the we selected. Let’s say that we chose a guarantee Category G stateroom. Before I make that choice, I look at the deck plans and see which deck the Category G staterooms are on. If they are on Deck 3 and I want to be on Deck 5 or higher, then I would not go with a guarantee in that category. Although I could get moved to Deck 5 where the Category C cabins are, I have to assume that I will get the deck and stateroom category that I have originally chosen and paid for.

Of course, I am going to hope that I get moved to a higher category. But, a higher category is a relative term. On one cruise we selected an inside guarantee. We moved up several categories from what we original booked, but those categories where all within the inside cabin designation. What makes a certain category of the same cabin style an upgrade is often rather subjective. In our case, our big category jump was because the inside cabin was on a higher deck. We were fine with that.

Sometimes, it is possible to get a guarantee and get upgraded from one cabin style to another, but don’t count on it. When you select a guarantee, the cruise line will assign you a cabin. When you get your cabin assignment, you can’t expect to go back to them and request a change because you don’t like the location, the type of category or because you are superstitious and don’t want a cabin with the number that you received.

For those who want a specific location on the ship, the guarantee is definitely not the way to go. For those who are flexible and find it worth saving a few bucks for their flexibility, the guarantee cabin may be a good risk. Just remember that as long as you are happy with the original cabin that you selected and would be happy with any type or location of a cabin in that same category style; you can’t go wrong with the guarantee.

Sail Away.

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