Cruising on the MSC Lirica

We have been in Fort Lauderdale, the departure point for our upcoming Caribbean cruise on the MSC Lirica. We’ve heard mixed reviews about this ship, but expect to enjoy our cruise.

The port of Fort Lauderdale is divided into three distinct areas as far as cruise ships go. The Lirica will be in berth #4, which is the closest to the 17h Ave entrance into the port. There is the North Port parking garage at the area, which we are opting not to use after having done some research. According to the port parking website, we would have to pay an additional $4 surcharge because we have a van and a tall one at that. Adding that to the $15 per day charge, the cost to park our van would be $19 per day. Considering this is a 10-day cruise, that charge adds up. In fact, from some destinations, that charge is comparable to airfare.

Some searching on the internet found another lot that charges $12 for cruise passengers, but only $10 for airport passengers. Why the difference? It makes no sense. Supposedly, the lot has a fence dividing the two areas and the shuttle goes either to the airport or to the cruise port. You can’t simply park on the airport side, pay the lower fee and get a shuttle to the port. It’s time for us to look for some land down here and open a parking lot that charges $10 per day. Why should cruisers pay a premium? We don’t know.

More details after we park and return from the cruise.

Sail Away

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