Cruising Without Adding Pounds

I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, doctor or weight specialist and have never played one on TV. But, I have cruised many times without packing on the pounds and you can do that do. Although I couldn’t verify the numbers, it seems that 8 pounds of weight gain per week is an often used number. So, that’s just a little over a pound per day, which means an additional intake of 3600 calories – or a decrease in a regular burning of calories. So, how do you maintain your weight on a cruise ship?

Gym on NCL Spirit
Most cruise ships have gyms with the latest equipment and a scale.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Practice mindful eating. Think about what you are putting into your mouth and what the results will be. Be sure that you enjoy what you are eating. Don’t feel forced to finish everything, even if you hear your mother’s voice telling you to clean your plate.
  • Weigh yourself when you board. You will find a scale in the gym or the medical center. Weigh yourself regularly be sure your weight isn’t creeping up.
  • There may be lots of food available on the cruise that you have never tried before. Try just a sample of each, rather than loading your plate. I have seen people with overflowing plates that reminded me of Mt. Vesuvius because they were stacked so high and flowing over the edges.
  • Skip a meal, grab a piece of fruit or something low-cal to maintain your sugar level and make it to the next meal. Have a late breakfast, a snack and an early lunch.
  • Use a small plate instead of a big plate and don’t refill it.
  • Don’t go back for seconds.
  • Skip dessert – or at least don’t have dessert at every meal.
  • Select options from the low-cal, heart-healthy or whatever the reduced calorie, more healthy menu is called. Make good choices.
  • All ships have a place known as the gym. Check it out. Ships offer classes as well. Remember that warning about checking with your doctor if this is something new for you.
  • If you aren’t a gym person, walk around the promenade deck or the jogging track (please be respectful of joggers).
  • Azamara distance You can see how far you need to walk around the deck or track to get your daily steps in.

  • Use the stairs.
  • Walk around in port or do active tours while in port. We have hiked, bicycled and hit the pavement in many ports.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • So those are some strategies that I use to keep the extra pounds off. Sometimes, the best efforts just don’t work out, but it is possible to remove the pounds once you get home and are away from the temptation of 24-hour food and drink availability. Live Strong offers some suggestions for taking off those pounds that some how managed to hitchhike on your body.

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