Téo vs Uber in Montreal

I am always looking for the least expensive and most efficient way to get to the cruise port from the airport. So far, I have had great success using Uber. On a recent trip to Montreal, I took Téo from the Montreal airport to my hotel. (Don’t forget that it is a good idea to fly to a port the day before your cruise!)

The Montreal airport had good directions to the spot where Téo would pick me up at Door 6. I had called them when I was near the door. I did not have the Téo app and perhaps that was a drawback as I waited 10 minutes on hold before anybody answered. That in itself was incredibly frustrating. When my call was finally answered I was given the name of my driver and the car number. I was told that the taxi would be there shortly.

I very much like the concept of Téo  because it uses electric cars – KIA, athough the Téo Noir service offers a Tessla. Maybe the next time! There were also discounts available if you use the code listed on the sign in the airport. When I was there it reduced the $40 fare to $27. I have no idea how long that code is valid. Be sure to check before you book.

I don’t like to judge a product after just one try and will definitely give Téo  a chance in the future, but with my experience, I will stick with Uber.


After I called and was told that my Téo was coming soon, I saw a few Téo taxis pass by, but none with the number or driver name that I was given. After waiting for almost 40 minutes, I was ready to just call Uber as many more of their cars passed by. (They had decals on them.) Just as I was ready to go to my Uber app, a Téo car pulled up. He asked my name and said that he was there to pick me up. The Téo cars have a distinctive green and white color, but I was a bit concerned. Neither the number of the taxi nor the name of the driver matched those that had been assigned me. The driver said that he had been assigned to me and that there was a change. I quickly evaluated the situation and assumed that no random person would have stolen a Téo  just to kidnap me. I was much relieved when I saw the iPad in the back that had my name on it. This iPad comes with free internet for customers, a real perk in my opinion.

Who wins?

I am not sure how long Téo Taxi  has been in business and although I really like the concept and its use of electric cars, I don’t really need to wait 40 minutes to be picked up. Nor do I need to be put on hold for several minutes. My friend who also tired to use Téo, but had a similar waiting time as I did, got frustrated and called Uber as I almost did. I know that this is just anecdotal evidence, but both of us had very similar experiences and that counts for me. Until Téo gets its act together, I think that Uber will be my first choice.

Have you tried Téo  in Montreal? What was your experience?

I would be derelict not to share my Uber code so that both of us can get credit on future rides. (If you want to try it out, just use theresar467ue as the code.)

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