The Drink on the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer

The Drink on the American Safari Cruises Safari Explorer

One very popular place for mingling with passengers on the Safari Explorer is the cozy bar tucked into a corner just off the lounge and dining room. Cocktail hour happened every day, complete with a variety of appetizers. Bartender Elaine concocted a daily drink special and also served passengers their drinks of choice, quickly remembering each passengers personal choices. It’s small things like this that make a cruise more memorable.

One of the most interesting deliveries of beverages was via the skiff. What a special treat to have hot chocolate personally delivered to our kayak as we paddled amongst icebergs while viewing glaciers. This personal service is another value added benefit of traveling with a company like American Safari Cruises..
Could you imagine such an event taking place on one of the behemoth ships?

Being all-inclusive, American Safari provides beverages as part of the sailing package. No worries about having a card to scan; that might be a real feat from a kayak.

Next time: A summary of the American Safari Explorer experience.

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