Why Cruise for the Holidays?

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7 Responses

  1. I have never been on a cruise! I would always want to try it so hopefully my husband and I will get around to doing it even just once in our lives. Would be easy to plan a holiday with friends too when on a cruise!

  2. Great points in why cruising during the Holidays is a very viable option. I’m thinking I wouldn’t even invite the family members that get on my nerves….lol! 😉

    • Cruise Writer says:

      Exactly – and a really good excuse not to come to their events – So sorry I can’t make it, but I am cruising for the holidays.

  3. roshniray says:

    Have never been on a cruise but would definitely love to go on one. Happy travels!!

  4. Only By Land says:

    7 great reasons to take a cruise during the holidays! Invite the family members you don’t like and you don’t have to be with them. It’s a great idea to avoid cooking too!

  5. neni says:

    Great points I have to do it at some point in my life! It sounds like a good experience plus the weather is better than at home.

  6. Never been on a cruise, and this sounds like such a great escape. All planned out for you and lots of places to visit. It sounds perfect.

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