NCL: No Ship, No Pride

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2 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    Foreign flagged ships are staffed with low cost crew….remember US Flagged-ships must abide by US employment laws. Labor costs on ships such as HAL, Princess are in fact crewed with people from developing countries. With that aside the real reason NCL America has not suceeded is due on mismanagment from both the Miami and Honolulu offices. This organization is a pure joke. They can’t blame it on the Hawaiian Cruise Market: it’s booming. NCL has the best itineraries. Also Apollo’s billion dollar takeover bid stipulated the capital investment would not be made available to the Hawaii operation and Star would be accountable for all debt…NCL America will be long gone before an enforcement of PSA…

  2. Cruise Bug says:

    You are absolutely correct about the lower labor costs and other lower costs for the cruise lines that are not registered under the US flag. It appears that NCL blames its failures on the competition rather than itself. I haven’t personally sailed on NCLA in Hawaii, but have heard all sorts of negative feedback about the product. A couple who sailed with them in Hawaii said that their cabin was not made up once during the entire week of their sailing, even after repeated requests.
    It was mentioned in that press release about the adjustments to their fleet that all Freestyle 2.0 improvements would be completed fleetwide by mid-May. Some of us wondered exactly when these would be completed as before they just indicated that everything would be updated by Summer 2008. Now, they will have no excuses.

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