Photos from the MSC Lirica

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3 Responses

  1. Laughing out loud about your living dead band story!

  2. Mark says:

    We just got home from this cruise in the caribbean.. First of all i dont see myself going on another MSC Cruiseliner again…. the directors introduction speeches took 10 minutes due to the 5 diff languages she haad to speak it in, the children we brought had nothing to drink after dinner due to the lack of available beverage machines (juices-teas), unless we wanted to give them soda from the overpriced mini bar frig. Whereas the other larger cruiseliners have juice machines available 24hrs a day. Not to mention food availability. It seemed like the performers, when they got off the ship going into the ports, expected preferential treatment from you when they should have treated you like a guest and not like a piece of dirt. The time on the islands were short, wished it would have been longer. In comparison to other cruiseliners there weren’t many things to do, Sure they had the one show a night and maybe another decent thing to do.. But other than that you were bored.. Or you could have spent time in one of the lounges where the computer played the music!!! AND i’ve never been on a cruise ship where the bedroom and bathroom was soo small!! For a balcony room also!!! Tried it, not too bad but wont do it again! Sorry MSC, going back to the other liners where we enjoy oursleves!!!

  3. Cruise Bug says:

    I agree that some of the staff on the Lirica need a good attitude adjustment.
    Those pantomime musicians who hold instruments, but rather than play them, turn on the computer for music, amuse me to no end. It seems that nobody holds the staff accountable for good performance. Having said that, I will say that our room attendant and servers worked hard and more than earned their pay.
    Hope that you weren’t on Deck 4 where the rooms are much smaller than indicated on the deck plans or anywhere in the brochure.

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