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Flora at Makkovic

Makkovik and Trees

How different this port appeared as I viewed it from the ship! Small hills with trees on their tops made me aware that we had entered another zone. Having viewed the obviously barren landscape of Greenland, the first thing that I noticed on seeing the port of Makkavik from the ship, was...

Harbor at Hopedale

Happy in Hopedale

After what appeared to be a week of crossing the Labrador Sea, the Fram finally reached Hopedale. After that crossing, I considered myself to be competent to survive the Drake Passage crossing in Antarctica. As is the case with adventure cruising, ports of call are always subject to change as is the...

Hurtigruten Fram

First Impressions of Hurtigruten Fram

After arriving by charter flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, we immediately boarded buses bound to the small pier where we would catch a tender. The darkness hid the landscape, which I imagined as stark and barren. Our luggage had arrived separately from the bus and I had not seen it since the Copenhagen...