Señor Frog’s Fire

Señor Frog’s is a popular place in Cozumel frequented by cruise ship passengers. If you are going anytime soon, you should be aware that it
suffered fire damage during a blaze started by fireworks during the Carnaval celebrations. Please note that I speak of Carnaval, the Mardi Gras celebration
and not Carnival, the cruise line.

We just happened to be there for the festivities and had moved to the area where Señor Frog’s is located. Not having acquired one strand of beads, we figured our chances might be better if we positioned ourselves closer to the start of the parade. Shortly after we took our strategic place, we noticed the burning palm fronds on Señor Frog’s. One of the passing floats had set off fireworks that ignited the palm fronds. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The floats lined the street, so it was quite difficult for the fire trucks to get into position. The strong wind didn’t help the situation at all, but eventually, the firemen contained the flames.
We noticed later when we ate that our restaurant also had the ubiquitous palm fronds on the front and hoped that the final fireworks were being set off over the water.

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