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The cruise line referenced in the previous day’s blog was Crystal, a luxury cruise line. While there are certainly values to be had on Crystal, especially if you look at their Value Collection Fares, there are also other great fares out there. Here are a few examples:

    Voyages of Discovery hads some great fares with free or very inexpensive air add-ons. They have one voyage on June 8 from London to Norway return that offers inside cabins for less than $2000. What’s quite nice about this and the other rates on these sailings is that in addition to the free or $199 airfare, two nights in a London hotel and transfers to the port are included in this rate. What a great bargain this is for those able to travel at the last minute.
    Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas has Oceanview cabins on its July 13 sailing from Rome starting at $999.
    On June 13, the Norwegian Jade offers Oceanview cabins on a 14 -day voyage starting at just $1399.
    Costa Cruises is celebrating their 60th anniversary and has some 7-day fares starting at just $549.
    They also have some early booking offers for next year’s sailings.

These are just a few quick fares, but there are definitely many good fares to be found whether you are looking for a mainstream cruise or a luxury cruise.

And as for the cost of doing a land vacation, you have to add in the transportation between cities. When you are looking at cruises that can be had for $150 per night, which includes food, lodging and transportation; it would obviously take some effort to replicate the same land itinerary for the same cost.
Do remember that there are port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, tips and other costs added to your cruise fare, but remember that a land vacation will also incur some of these same expenses.

Am I against land vacations? Definitely not. I recently traveled in the rather pricey UK and kept costs as low as possible, but it was a challenge and included eating lots of pizza. Eating the same style of food that is served on a cruise line would have significantly stretched the budget. Cruising and land vacations are two different animals, but my point is that cruising can be an excellent value for those looking to explore several different areas of Europe.

For more info on the above cruises, please call or visit Cruise Bug Vacations.

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Pauline H
I agree with you that cruising can keep costs down on your overall travel budget especially on the cost of food in Europe. I love cruising as you get an all round relaxing break but get to see some interesting places along the way with professional tours if you wish to take them. I was on a well known company’s tour of Italy (first class) and although I saw a lot more than I would have on a cruise it was a hectic schedule and I really needed a rest at the end of it. The food also which was… Read more »