Royal Caribbean Says Couple Not Welcome

According to a story on MSNBC Royal Caribbean banned a couple from sailing with them ever again. Keep in mind that the following comments are based on my opinion from what I have read in this article as I don’t have first-hand information from either of the parties involved.

Although some might get the idea that Royal Caribbean banned this couple because of negative comments they posted on the board, it becomes evident that these people have a history. Royal Caribbean asked that their comments be removed from a cruise board, which doesn’t seem right unless they disclosed information that Royal Caribbean had asked them to keep confidential.
As a person who always buys the defective product off the shelf, I could relate to some of their problems and realize that it is possible for some of these things to happen. Being locked out on the balcony because of a defective latch on a door could be quite stressful, but I have also heard of people who got locked out on the balcony due to their own negligence. Sewer gas was another complaint, but on a cruise ship, that system is so connected that usually such a problem would occur in more than one stateroom. It is a possibility that all the staterooms in the same area experienced similar problems, but there is no way of knowing.

Somewhere, it was mentioned that this folks took a black light with them to find stains on bed linens.
Maybe they have OCD, but maybe they go on the cruise with one intention – to complain and get compensated for their suffering.

In the cited article, the disgruntled passenger is described as “feisty”. Is that an euphemism for another less flattering term? Again, I don’t know the details, but don’t think that Royal Caribbean would flippantly ban a Diamond Plus member from cruising again. There are details that the general public doesn’t know.

I once sat with a woman on a cruise, but don’t recall which ship I was on. She bragged to us how she always complains about something to her travel agent when she returns so that she gets either a discounted cruise, a free cruise or onboard credit on the next cruise. She seemed quite proud of herself, while the rest of us found her brazen attitude disgusting. What this braggart didn’t realize is that one of the others at the table did public relations for the cruise line. The PR person didn’t mention what she did, but sometime during the meal casually started a conversation that resulted in her learning this person’s stateroom number. She alerted the main office so that this woman wouldn’t be getting any more freebies in the future.

This type of person rates the same as those who rationalize having their tips removed. These people consider themselves quite clever. I would be curious to know if anybody keeps track of those who remove their tips or consistently complain and request compensation.

Certainly, legitimate complaints should be brought to the attention of the staff. Don’t worry that such a complaint will result in banishment. Things do happen and you needn’t feel guilty about voicing complaints. The problem is with repeat compensations.
If you have a horrid time every single time you sail with a certain cruise line, why would you go back? Inquiring minds really want to know.

This article
offers a few more details and confirms my suspicions about this couple.

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