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When you are traveling with minors abroad and both parents aren’t accompanying that minor, there are a few steps to take in preparation.

RCI Freedom Grandparents and Grandchildren
RCI Freedom Grandparents and Grandchildren

If you are taking minors who aren’t your children, be sure to get a notarized form from the parents of the child/children allowing you permission to travel with the children and to consent to medical treatment.

RCI Navigator Rock Wall
RCI Navigator Rock Wall

If you are divorced, single or traveling without the other parent, you should also have forms from the non-traveling parent allowing the same permission to travel and treat them medically.

Royal Caribbean also requires that you get the parents or guardians permission giving you permission to allow them to use the rock climbing walls, go ice skating or do any of the activities on board.

Not having these papers could result in denied boarding and that is no way to start a vacation.

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