Alternative Transportation to Your Ship

Some adventurous and frugal cruisers look for the most cost-effective way to reach or leave the cruise port. Sometimes, this can be very difficult, near impossible or even dangerous. For example, walking to the Port of Miami on the busy causeway would not be prudent.

But, getting to the Canada Place in Vancouver is quite simple using a combination of public transportation and walking. In contrast, Ballantyne Pier is best accessed via taxi. The neighborhood isn’t the best and the passenger terminal is in an industrial area.

For the many options to the ports, take a look at Olivier’s Walk to My Cruise Ship site.

When using public transportation, be sure to check on the frequencies and schedules along with any restrictions that might prevent you from carrying large bags on buses or subways. And do think carefully about whether or not you can handle all those bags on the steps into the bus and up and down the escalators at the subway stations. While it might take 30 minutes to get from the terminal to town, in the end it could take several hours if service is infrequent.

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