NCL Epic Embarkation

We weren’t sure what to expect when embarking the Epic. Would we have to wait hours in line?
Arriving after 1 pm, we thought that lines would be manageable.

Driving to the Epic
Driving to the Epic

Guests on the Epic are assigned a specific terminal to where they should proceed. Don’t just look for the ship and go into the first entrance that you see. The ship is so large that registration takes place in two different areas. When we arrived,we breezed through the terminal and had no waiting all. It was quite easy and efficient.

The casino is the heartbeat of the ship and we had to board through this largest public space on the ship. At least it seems like the largest space onboard. It wasn’t bad for boarding and we were thankful that it wasn’t smoke-filled at this stage of the game.

Our rooms were not ready, so we found a seat in O’Sheehan’s pub and grabbed a drink. We had had a late breakfast in South Beach and weren’t ready for lunch. Because we had a function to attend at 2:00, we listened carefully for the announcement that the cabins were ready. We never heard that and were both surprised and pleased when we asked a crew member who told us that the staterooms had been ready for some time.

We kept our carry-on luggage with us, which is the only luggage we had. But, there is the option of leaving carry-ons in Headliners. We initially considered that, but when we saw how much luggage was stored there, we thought that retrieving it might be a very long process.

Next time – our stateroom.

Sail Away

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