Bliss on the Racetrack?

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  1. The race track is unique and will attract the younger cruisers. However agree with you it seems a waste of a prime area which could be utilised particularly with those views!

  2. I would so love to try Bliss or any of the refurbed NCL ships. Some of the older ones have a little too wild interior decor for my liking. But the water slides and the karts on this one really call out to me. Still a child at heart, me đŸ˜‰

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see the feedback on this new features – it is a first at sea. It’s definieky aimed at the teen cruiser market who enjoy this type of activity on land. I don’t have teens yet and I hope my girls will be as interested in amazing destinations as I am. But for those odd moments that they do get ‘bored’, this might help enetertain them. However, who knows what cruise ships will be adding by then?!

  4. Laura Pedlar says:

    This is definitely a novelty factor and will draw people to book to be able to have a go on the race track. I personally wouldn’t book just for the race track but I have seen videos of the rest of the ship and it looks clean and modern so that would appeal to me more.

  5. Lisa Jane says:

    I agree with all the comments above and your view too, I think the racetrack is purely for novelty factor. It seems a bit of a wasted space for an experience most cruisers may only try once during a cruise? I’m with you and think the Alaska scenery is more interesting so it certainly wouldn’t sway me to book the ship for this alone although it is a bonus addition!

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