Getting to the Cruise Port

Usually a risk taker, I don’t always worry too much about travel arrangements and the like.
However, in the case of cruising, I play it safe. We arrived in LA yesterday, the day before our cruise departure. We got out of Chicago just as the big storm that caused the cancellation of over 400 flights, hit. Although we arrived in LA two hours after scheduled, we didn’t miss our cruise.

Now, had this been a different time of the year, we may have chanced flying on the same day if we weren’t flying across the country. We may have also taken the chance if the departure port wasn’t as far away. We don’t usually buy insurance so we have an extra incentive not to miss our departure. Our extra expenses for the overnight stay were less than the cost of insurance. In one sense, we are still taking somewhat of a risk since we don’t purchase insurance, but it is a calculated risk.

If you do consider insurance, be sure to read the fine print. You may be surprised to see that many situations are not covered. These policies exclude pre-existing conditions and other occurrences that you might suspect would be covere, but aren’t. After thoroughly reviewing the details, you can make an informed decision about insurance coverage.

We opted to get a one-way rental car as we had to attend a function in the LA area. We can meander down to San Pedro at our leisure and then get an Enterprise shuttle to the pier.

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