NCL Dawn Cabin 10562

NCL Dawn Cabin 10562NCL Dawn cabin 10562

It’s always a treat to have a balcony cabin and this one was no exception. Measuring 166 square feet, the room was adequate for us, but we could never imagine using it as a triple, for which it is designed. Once the sofa is opened, the balcony would be totally inaccessible. But, no worries for the two of us. The room had everything that we needed and was comfortable and clean. We like the bathrooms on the NCL ships. First, they use soap and shampoo dispensers and that saves on plastics and waste of soap and shampoo, so although we haven’t heard any claims of NCL going green, it appears that they have taken some steps to remain environmentally friendly.
Bath in Cabin 10562 of the NCL Dawn
The bathroom has a separate room with a door where the toilet is housed. A larger person may have difficulties negotiating this space. The vanity is in the center and opposite the WC is the shower, which has a real door. Anybody hoping to battle it out with the clingy shower curtain will be most disappointed.
Shower in Cabin 10562 NCL Dawn

There is adequate closet space and shelves and the usual safe, hair dryer and also two bathrobes. We found the pillows adequate and the bed comfortable, but wish that there were switches near the bed for the overhead lights. Our balcony door was difficult to operate, but with a bit of force we were able to enjoy the outside. Considering that we were in Bermuda for 3 days, we didn’t spend as much time on the balcony as we expected because we were often off the ship.

The real drawback for us of a balcony is the fact that you need to hear your neighbors’ conversations and smell their smoke. Even though we weren’t in our cabin or on the balcony that much, it is worth considering whether the extra cost of a balcony is worth it. An inside with no noisy neighbors and no wafting smoke sounds good. Then again, another choice is to go with a cruise line that has a more restrictive smoking policy.

Our cabin was well-maintained by our stewards who were very friendly and somehow knew our names even though we had never met them. We appreciated their always cheerful greetings, even when we were quite far down the hall from where they were working. They made some towel animals; our real reason for cruising. We had the best one yet – a mouse – or so we think. It wasn’t really a towel animal, but a washcloth animal. NCL does sell a DVD on the fine art of towel animal creations.
Mouse towel animal

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