Ocean Princess

The Ocean Princess. Is that one of the Princess ships that you just don’t remember hearing about? That’s a real possibility as Princess refurbishes and renames the former Tahitian Princess.
The Tahitian Princess went into drydock for its reincarnation as the Ocean Princess. If you think that remodeling your house is a big event, then take a look at the changes made during this drydock.
If you enjoy Princess, but not necessarily the larger ships, the Ocean Princess offers a more intimate experience with a capacity just under 700 guests. If you remember the now defunct Renaissance Cruise Line, the R-4 which became the Tahitian Princess has some meaning for you. The Ocean Princess will sail in Asia, India and Africa before moving to Europe for the summer.

One of the benefits of sailing on a smaller ship is visiting ports inaccessible to large ships. If you’re ready to see some new ports, consider sailing on a smaller ship like the Ocean Princess.
Other advantages include easier navigation of the ship, fewer people and a more intimate atmosphere in general.

Sail Away

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