Oasis Naming Ceremony

I am not a watcher of television, but all the hype about the Oasis has me intrigued. So I felt obligated to watch the live video of the naming of the Oasis of the Seas.
It seems that due to the immense size of this vessel, that it is necessary to have several godmothers to make sure that she does well in life. Actually, the seven godmothers represent the seven different neighborhoods on board the Oasis.

Although there were the perfunctory speeches by the upper management of Royal Caribbean, the naming ceremony was still interesting, especially when CEO and President Adam Goldstein opened the supposedly locked box containing the ribbon-cutting scissors. Oh, well, and after such a performance to get the keys to the stage and the godmothers.

What were some key points of this video?

  • Mr. Fain said that Royal Caribbean wants to provide the greatest vacations, and even though their ships are the biggest they want to be known as the best, not the biggest.
  • The concept for this ship was 1/3 familiar, 1/3 evolutionary and 1/3 revolutionary.
  • Terminal 18 was built specifically for this behemoth.
  • Royal paid particular attention to raising the bar on safety, environmental standards and energy efficiency.
  • I would have been thrilled to see some solar panels or evacuated tubes on the ship.

    Watch a video of the naming ceremony here and then pack your bags. I don’t especially care for crowds, but I am willing to give this ship a try. And who wouldn’t want to try a ship that has its own song?

    Sail Away

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