Passenger Revenge on Cruise Lines

I think that stories like this say more about the type of people who are now cruising, rather than anything about the cruise lines themselves. People usually do not research and board the ship with false assumptions and then blame the cruise for their own ignorance.

I quickly scanned Carnival’s website to see where they claimed to offer an all-inclusive experience as the first person interviewed in this article claimed. Not surprisingly, many of those who commented about this article also blamed the cruise lines for their own ignorance. I did a Google search using “all inclusive cruise” as my search term and did get plenty of results, and came upon Costa Cruise lines, who mentions the all-inclusive experience, followed by what is included in your fare. However, this person was talking about Carnival, not Costa. Now I should point out here that there are some all-inclusive cruises like Seabourn and American Safari Cruises among others.

It was refreshing to read comments from some of the level-headed people who pointed out that doing your research and reading the ticket contract will thoroughly inform you of the terms of passage. Most of the cruise lines have an FAQ on their websites and even a phone number in case you have further questions. Your travel agent is a good resource as well.
Do your due diligence and be a good consumer. Here are a few tips:

  • Consult a travel agent
  • Read the brochures carefully
  • Thoroughly review the website
  • Peruse the various cruise groups and ask questions if you don’t find an answer to your question
  • Talk to other past cruisers keeping in mind that some don’t get it
  • Call the cruise line
  • Have a good attitude
  • Maintain your dignity
  • Plan on having a good time

    Next time, I will review some of the other suggestions for revenge in this article.

    Sail Away

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