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Through the years our taste in food has changed. Much of this is simply due to experiencing new dishes, new foods and
experimenting with food ourselves. Once again, we feel that food is a very subjective matter. There was a time in our lives when
we would have found the food on the Infinity perfectly fine. But that is likely due to our narrow range of food experiences.
Now that our range has expanded, we have become more selective and more critical of the food presented to us, especially when we are
told that we will be experiencing fine dining on board the Infinity. The food could be described as edible and acceptable, but rarely anything special, and the experience itself could hardly be considered fine dining. Part of fine dining includes a certain type of service. We expect regular refills of water and beverages.
The sommelier (and that is a term used loosely here) seemed to have achieved that status simply by wearing a special jacket and hanging a tastevin around his neck. He seemed more a simple wine server and never suggested any wines and lacked excitement about the wines available onboard.

Too high expectations
Our table never got scraped of crumbs between courses, a component of fine dining.
It appeared that the ship attempted to cut costs by not offering beverages or refills if a beverage was served. No offer of coffee after dinner, which seemed quite odd.
If we didn’t ask for coffee, it wasn’t offered. How very strange.
All in all the food and service was not of the caliber that we expected, but it was edible and we weren’t shopping for it or preparing it.

Tea on the Celebrity Infinity
Formal Tea on the Celebrity Infinity

We like a bit of spice in our food and later learned that this might make us an oddity. One day on the elevator we encountered an Indian chef and asked if there would every be Indian food served.
He told us that he had just made it that day in the buffet. We were disappointed that we had left the ship to explore the port and missed it and asked when he would be making another Indian dish.
He responded that there would be no more Indian food served because there were many complaints about it being spicy. Imagine that; spicy Indian food. How dare anybody cook with spices. The kindly chef did offer to prepare us a special Indian meal if we liked, but it was the end of the cruise, so we thanked him for the offer, but never had a chance to enjoy a spicy dish.

Sail Away

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