Why Cruise for the Holidays?

Why Cruise for the Holidays?

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If you are rushing around preparing for the holidays, you may be kicking yourself for not having gone on a cruise. Here are seven reasons to take a cruise during the holidays.

    1. A ship can accommodate even the largest of families. No worries about choosing a place to host the entire family. There is plenty of space for everybody to gather for a drink or meal.
    2. Cruise ships are decorated for the holidays. (Note that I avoided saying “decked out” for the holidays.) No need for you to spend one bit of time on digging out the ornaments or tinsel. And speaking of tinsel, do they still make tinsel?
    3. Where are you going to find 20 extra chairs for all of your guests? Not only that, but where will you find another table? Some ships even have the “kids” table already on board. They also have enough place settings and silverware for even the largest group.

    4. No shopping, no menu planning, no organizing a potluck, no finding enough serving pieces or containers and best of all, no cleaning!
    5. Can you stand certain relatives for more than five minutes? You know, the ones you have to invite just because they are family even though they annoy the hell out of you. No problems on a ship, there is plenty of space to get away from them.
    6. Do you want to avoid the relatives at all costs? What better excuse than to say that you are cruising for the holidays and unable to attend the family events?
    7. Experiences last a lifetime so a cruise makes a perfect gift either to yourself or others.

It’s not too early to start planning for the next year. Make next year a stress-free holiday by letting your favorite cruise line take care of all the details.

Happy Holidays!

Sail Away.

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7 thoughts on “Why Cruise for the Holidays?

  1. I have never been on a cruise! I would always want to try it so hopefully my husband and I will get around to doing it even just once in our lives. Would be easy to plan a holiday with friends too when on a cruise!

    1. Exactly – and a really good excuse not to come to their events – So sorry I can’t make it, but I am cruising for the holidays.

  2. 7 great reasons to take a cruise during the holidays! Invite the family members you don’t like and you don’t have to be with them. It’s a great idea to avoid cooking too!

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